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Our new branding: More than capital

Dear Phatisa Friends & Family

16 years ago, Phatisa was founded on the dream of helping businesses succeed in Africa, by offering access to better capital structures, better operational support, and better strategic advice.

In short, to provide more than capital.

From the onset, we instituted the belief that financial performance & impact were mutually inclusive. And have persistently sought to achieve the best of both worlds by driving impact & returns – concurrently – across our investment processes.

Of course, impact & returns don’t happen easily or overnight! But we have consistently grown, learnt from our mistakes, and flourished alongside our management teams, investors, and service providers, alike. Indeed, we wish to thank each and every one of you for your continued support in growing our Firm and the sub-Saharan region.

Today, we are launching Phatisa’s new corporate identity which intends to capture our founding tenet of providing more than capital. Whilst reinforcing our tenacious investment philosophy of ‘and’ – as opposed to ‘or’.

Being, impact & returns. Profits & purpose. People & planet.

In fact, this notion of ‘and’ is so important to us, we’ve placed an ampersand at the heart of Phatisa’s new logo! Where it stands as a pledge – in the same way as our being an early adopter to the Operating Principles for Impact Management. And more recently, a signatory to the Women’s Empowerment Principles.

In summary, our new branding represents Phatisa’s genesis & growth. Our ambition & achievements. Our purpose & promise.

Again, we appreciate your support over the years and wholly recognise that our greatest achievements are shared. Thank you.

Stuart Bradley

Managing Partner


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