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Leading African Food Investment

AFG is talking to Eugene Stals, Chief Investment Offier, Phatisa.

Eugene is a seasoned private equity and investment professional with deep operational experience. he was a senior partner at Ethos Private Equity in Johannesburg, South Africa. During this time, Eugene was instrumental in the formation of Ethos. In all, he spent 18 years in executive, board and investment committee capacities at Ethos. he has a successful track record over the whole private equity value chain. More recently, he has fulfilled roles as an executive in and consulted to, companies on strategic and operational issues.

Anna Lyudvig: Eugene, you joined the Phatisa team as CIO in November 2018; after almost a year back on the continent, what are you impressions on the growth of the asset class in your absence?

Eugene Stals: I think the asset class in Africa is still working towards finding its own characteristics and nuances. The exuberance of a few years ago has changes into a realisation that it is a difficult market with unique challenges requiring unique solutions. What is noticeable is the scarcity of pure commercial investors (LPs) for most fund managers (GPs). The market is driven largely by ...

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