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8 – 10 May 2019 | AFSIC – Investing in Africa




PFF2 gets $10m from AfDB and targets Q1 2018 first close, Africa Global Funds, November 2017Really great optics: The Phatisa and OPIC partnership, Africa AgriLeaders, November 2017Q&A: Phatisa on partnering with OPIC, and Africa’s investment opportunities, How we made it in Africa, October 2017African private equity fund powering agriculture and food enterprise, African Leadership Magazine, October 2017Beyond Investment: The power of capacity-building support (p. 4) , GIIN, October 2017Access to mechanisation – driving African agri growth, How we made it in Africa, August 2017Focus on Agri-food, AGF, August 2017Phatisa promotes Rinolan Moodley to Deal Partner – Southern Africa, July 2017Attribution in Results Measurement: Rationale and Hurdles for Impact Investors, Donor Committee for Enterprise Development, July 2017Phatisa backs Kanu’s vision to build Africa’s leading equipment business. Phatisa press release, July 2017Introducing an ‘Unusual Beast’: the Technical Assistance Facility to the African Agriculture Fund, The Practitioners Hub, June 2017A new era for private equity in Africa, Daily Maverick, May 2017Phatisa targets $300mln for new agricultural fund, Africa Capital Digest, March 2017All hands on deck, AGF Digital, March 2017OPIC Board of Directors approved two projects in developing countries, OPIC press release, March 2017Building a New Foundation for Housing in Kenya, Wharton, March 2017Phatisa strengthens it’s food-focused portfolio team, Phatisa press release, February 2017Building Housing for Better Futures, Eisenhoiwer Fellowship, January 2017The developmental difference of African private equity, beyondbrics – FT, January 2017AfDB approves $20m for Meridian’s soft commodity value chain operations in Southern Africa, January 2017


PE firm Phatisa to build 300 houses in Kigali, Business Daily, November 2015Phatisa’s property fund teams up with Kigali Batsinda Estate, Century Real Estate, October 2015ESG and Private Equity: Phatisa’ experience, Africa Global Funds, October 2015Stuart Bradley becomes Joint Managing Partner – Phatisa, Phatisa press release, September 2015Private Equity firm Phatisa funds 140 Nakuru homes, Business Daily, September 2015Development equity at work in the DRC, How we made it in Africa, August 2015Private equity fund manager Phatisa celebrates 10 years of impact, How we made it in Africa, June 2015Les fonds d’investissement à la pointe de la révolution verte, Afrique Agriculture, Juillet 2015Trusted partnerships are key for African PE, Africa Global Funds, June 2015Bridging the housing gap for middle- to low-income earners, How we made it in Africa, June 2015Providing affordable middle income housing to eastern and southern Africa, KPDA, May 2015INSIGHT: Private equity investment for sustainability, Finweek, April 2015SAVCA Case Study Compendium: Phatisa, Goldenlay, SACVA, April 2015Phatisa Senior Partner Announcement – Yida Kemoli, Phatisa press release, April 2015Bridging the housing gap for middle to low income earners – Zambia, Phatisa press release, March 2015Phatisa goes carbon neutral, Phatisa press release, March 2015Phatisa’s Pan African Housing Fund teams up with Africa Reit, Kenya, Phatisa press release, February 2015Databank invests in high impact poultry in Burkina Faso, DAFML press release, February 2015Kenya : le fonds Phatisa entre au capital de General Plastics, Ecofin Agro, Janvier 2015Phatisa’s African Agriculture Fund invests in General Plastics, Kenya, Phatisa press release, January 2015


Kenya: PE fund to build entry-level homes, The Star, December 2014Pan African Housing Fund teams up with In-Time Capital, Kenya, Phatisa press release, November 2014PE firm to build KSh9.95m one-bedroom homes, Business Daily, November 2014Phatisa’s Pan African Housing Fund teams up with Africa Reit, Kenya, Phatisa press release, November 2014Phatisa’s AAF deploys half of capital, Agri Investor, October 2014Phatisa to deliver 800 houses in five years , The East African Standard, October 2014Phatisa’s African Agriculture Fund invests in the Meridian Group, Phatisa press release, October 2014Affordable housing on a growth spurt, Moneyweb, October 2014Phatisa has been shortlisted in the category – Venture Capital/Private Equity Deal of the Year, Africa investor, September 2014Industry Leaders Power 50 – Duncan Owen, Senior Managing Partner – Phatisa, Africa (p.11), AM-August 2014 – page 11The African Agriculture Fund’s Technical Assistance Facility launches a Euro 200,00 smallholder support scheme in Cameroon, AAF TAF and TechnoServe press release, 20 August 2014Phatisa IRR Calculator App, TECH@WORK- CNBC Africa, August 2014New Partner announcement – Peter van As, Phatisa press release, August 2014Development Equity, AfricaAM (p.12), July 2014Phatisa launches investment returns app, Moneyweb, July 2014Development Equity slowly becomes a recognised term, CNBC Africa, July 2014Databank concludes fertiliser investments in Africa’s largest PE market, AAF SME Fund press release, July 2014Private equity: In it for the long term, Financial Mail, June 2014Private equity firm transforms palm oil business in Sierra Leone, How we made it in Africa, May 2014Development equity: the perfect public-private partnership, Agri Investor, May 2014Phatisa partners with Africa Reit to develop housing project in Kenya, AfricaAM, May 2014Private equity firm backing affordable housing project in Africa, How we made it in Africa, April 2014L’aviculture africaine sort de sa coquille, Jeune Afrique, April 2014Market focus Rwanda, AfricaAM, April 2014OPIC: The American way, AfricaAM, April 2014Case Study: Turning excrement into big bucks, The African Report, March 2014The evolving East African housing dream: The case of Kenya, How we made it in Africa, March 2014No two days are the same in African private equity, How we made it in Africa, February 2014Food for thought, Africa Investor, January 2014


Unlocking Africa’s housing market potential, How we made it in Africa, December 2013Africa’s Equity Market Performance Outpaces Emerging Markets – Analysts,, December 2013The AAF SME Fund enters Nigeria via investment in bakery, AAF SME Fund press release, December 2013Phatisa discusses its commitment to development in Africa as a private equity fund manager, AVCA, November 2013Redefining development equity in Africa, ACM-INSIGHT, November 2013Poultry demand in Africa likely to continue growing, but not all local producers are benefitting, How we made it in Africa, November 2013Phatisa’s African Agriculture Fund acquires a majority stake in FES, Malawi, Phatisa press release, November 2013Feronia Inc. announces US$ 25 million private placement led by CDC, the UK Government’s development finance institution, Feronia press release, November 2013The AAF SME Fund invest in a Zambian food and beverage production company, AAF SME Fund press release, October 2013SAVCA appoints new director Stuart Bradley, SAVCA, October 2013The provision of affordable and middle class housing on the African continent, How we made it in Africa, October 2013Africa’s social housing: Homes for all, The Africa Report, October 2013Phatisa’s Africa-focused agriculture fund, Deal Flow – CNBC Africa, October 20132013 Africa investor – Investment and Business Leader Awards showcase African investment success stories, Ai, October 2013African Agriculture Fund final close at US$ 243 million, Phatisa press release, September 2013Property development in East Africa and the role private equity can play, The East African, 8 June 2013Phatisa receives Special Recognition for Innovative Sector Strategy in Agriculture, Private Equity Africa GP; Advisors Awards 2013, PEA, 11 June 2013Meeting Africa’s demand, Alternative Emerging Investor, June 2013Investors Support G8 Efforts to Catalyse Impact Investing, GIIN, June 2013Quelle agriculture pour la sécurité alimentaire africaine ?, Jeune Afrique, Mai 2013General Counsel Announcement, Phatisa press release, March 2013Feronia Inc. closes second tranche of strategic investment from Phatisa’s African Agriculture Fund, Feronia press release, March 2013Phatisa’s African Agriculture Fund invests in Cote D’Ivoire consumer goods company, Continental Beverage Company (CBC), Finance+, March 2013The Technical Assistance Facility of the African Agriculture Fund, PAEPRARD, March 2013Ripe with US$ 1 trillion of opportunities, pp 47 – 48, The African Business Journal, March 2013Côte d’Ivoire : AAF se ressource dans l’eau minérale, Les Afriques, Mars 2013Côte d’Ivoire : l’eau minérale Olgane ouvre son capital, Jeune Afrique, Février 2013The African Agriculture Fund concludes an investment in Cote d’Ivoire, Phatisa press release, March 2013IFAD and the private sector, The African Agriculture Fund: investing in food security and rural development, p 6, IFAD, February 2013AAF statement regarding land policy in Africa, Phatisa press release, January 2013


Agribusiness Fund of the Year, African Agriculture Fund – Phatisa, Africa Investor Agribusiness Investment Awards winners announced, Ai, December 201210,5 millions de dollars pour Feronia, Jeune Afrique, Décembre 2012The African Agriculture Fund invests in Feronia, Phatisa press release, December 2012Housing fund closes year at US$41.5m capital, The East African, December 2012Why Africa’s agribusiness sector holds potential for private equity, How we made it in Africa, December 2012Feronia Inc. Announces Strategic Investment from Phatisa’s African Agriculture Fund, Feronia, December 2012The AAF SME Fund invests in Cameroonian commercial farm, DAFML press release, November 2012West End Farms lève des fonds, Jeune Afrique, Novembre 2012Can PE firms turn agriculture around?, The East African, September 2012Private equity key to Africa’s development, The Citizen, September 2012Ernest Koménan élargit son champ d’action, Jeune Afrique, Juillet 2012AAF chez les francophones, Jeune Afrique, Juliet 2012AAF au tour de table de Golden Lay, Jeune Afrique, May 2012Fact Sheet: G-8 Action on Food Security and Nutrition, The White House, May 2012AfDB President Welcomes G8 Initiative on African Agriculture, AfDB, May 2012The African Agriculture Fund concludes an investment of US$ 24 million in Zambia, Phatisa press release, May 2012Palm oil brings jobs and income for Sierra Leone’s recovery, Finnfund, March 2012The AAF SME Fund first closes at US$ 30 million, DAFML press release, February 2012