As a leading African private equity fund manager, Phatisa is well aware that each and every investment decision has huge impact. Our investors depend upon strong returns from our investments; the portfolio companies in which we invest depend on our value add and guidance; and the operations of our portfolio partners affect and are affected by the communities in which they do business on the continent as a whole.


Phatisa provides investors with investment opportunities in sector-specific African private equity funds, such as food and agriculture across sub-Saharan Africa,and affordable housing in eastern Africa.

Leading multinational development finance institutions, European and Western governments, African and international financial institutions, African development banks, funds-of-funds and private companies have all invested with Phatisa as limited partners since 2009.

Phatisa takes great pride in the fact we have transparent, positive relationships with our diverse group of multinational and institutional investors. The collaboration of the fund manager with limited partners, who possess a diverse set of expertise and wide-spread geographical intelligence, allows the Phatisa deal teams to tap into a number of local business networks and to develop a well-informed management team that is in touch with local communities.

Phatisa has invested its own funds alongside our limited partners (as of 30 June, 2013), demonstrating the total alignment between Phatisa’s interests and those of our investors.


Preferring a more involved, hands-on approach, we are single-minded in our commitment to our portfolio companies to drive operational improvements throughout all areas of their businesses. This includes actively spearheading project development; improvement of processes, transparency and governance; increasing supply-chain efficiency; promoting the project’s marketing capability and market-share leadership; driving geographic expansion; focusing long-term strategy; and other value-adding activities.


Phatisa is rooted in a business ethos underscored by the principles of sustainability. We aim to act according to the interests of the communities impacted by our investments and portfolio partners, as well as the environment, thereby improving the opportunities to create shared sustainable value for all.

In line with this thinking, we have, via our funds under management, formally incorporated a Social and Environmental Management System Manual (SEMS). SEMS details the guiding policies, best practice, reporting and review procedures that will be followed by the Fund through its Fund Manager.

The SEMS includes:

  • an Environmental and Social Risk Management System;
  • a Code of Conduct for Land Acquisition and Land Use;
  • an Anti Money Laundering Policy;
  • an Anti Bribery and Corruption Policy; and
  • a Tax and Transparency Policy.

The above policies are in place and have been formulated in strict compliance with global and Mauritian legislation pertaining to anti-money laundering, financing of terrorism and corporate governance.

These socially responsible investment guidelines serve as a benchmark for focusing, measuring and improving our investment efforts; raising internal awareness and providing a common understanding and set of expectations for our investors, portfolio company management teams and other stakeholders.


One of the key strengths of the Phatisa governance model is the alignment of interests across our global pool of investors, our portfolio partners and their management teams. This long term mandate enables our portfolio partners to learn, focus on and deliver on mutually agreed-upon environmental, social and governance objectives. In addition, because of the breadth of our investor portfolio, we have the ability to share a vast library of best practices in a manner that impacts all our portfolio partners, their management teams, their communities and geographies. Phatisa expects that this same access to knowledge and resources, which will drive long term sustainable profit and prosperity, will also enable these companies to be better African and global citizens.

Phatisa is committed to transparency and openness to our investors and all stakeholders involved. Phatisa Fund Managers Limited and Phatisa Property Fund Managers Limited were granted a Collective Investment Schemes CIS Managers Licence pursuant to Section 98 of the Securities Act 2005 and the Financial Services (Consolidated Licencing and Fees) Rules, 2008, issued by the Mauritius FSC. A CIS Manager is authorised under the Securities Act to carry out the following activities for the management of a Collective Investment Scheme:

  • All administrative services required by the scheme.
  • Provision of registrar and transfer facilities.
  • Distribution of the securities of the scheme.
  • Maintaining accounting records of the scheme.
  • Providing investment advice in relation to the scheme.
  • Managing the portfolio of the scheme.

Phatisa Fund Managers Ltd is a subsidiary of Phatisa Group Ltd | Mauritian C1/GBL Company Registration no. 090629 | FSC Licence no. C109007765 (MU)


Phatisa is an Authorised Financial Services Provider | FSP Licence no. 43199 (RSA)
Phatisa Fund Managers Limited is a subsidiary of Phatisa Group Ltd | Mauritian C1/GBL Company Registration no. 090629 | FSC Licence no. C109007765  (MU)
Phatisa Property Fund Managers Limited is a member of Phatisa Group Ltd | Mauritian C1/GBL Company Registration no. 112938 | FSC Licence no. C112011319 (MU)