In Africa, we have a real and immediate need for affordable homes to raise healthy families. Phatisa introduces an eastern African investment initiative in response to the ever-increasing housing shortage – the Pan African Housing Fund (PAHF). The Fund commenced operations during Q1 2013 and final closed at US$ 41.95 million end Q3 2014.

Through multinational equity funding, the Pan African Housing Fund will seek to provide risk capital to real estate projects on a joint-venture basis to selected local developers and will work closely with these developers to increase their capabilities across both technical and scale dimensions.

Behind it all is Phatisa Property Fund Managers.

With reliable partnerships and networks across Africa and a team whose track record spans more than 75 combined years of private equity and property development in Africa, Phatisa has the experience and expertise needed to invest, manage and successfully exit what will be one of eastern Africa’s most pioneering housing private equity funds.


PAHF invests primarily in affordable and middle income residential developments and mixed-use precincts, where both residential and commercial properties are combined.

The Fund partners with local commercial developers with well-established track records and deploy equity into Special Purpose Vehicles (SPV) that develop and manage the housing projects for the duration of the investment.

Phatisa targets major urban areas within a set of limited geographies: Kenya, Rwanda, Tanzania and Uganda – in order to demonstrate the investment opportunities available to investors.

The Fund only executes transactions where it has the capability to manage risk aspects of the investment.



If you or your company have a business venture that meets the PAHF investment criteria, please complete and submit the one-page
PAHF Funding Application Form, available in either MSWord or PDF format , to the PAHF deal team.
Please submit information on core business activities, investment required (US$ equivalent), purpose of funding and contact details.
Our Phatisa Property deal team look forward to considering your proposal and will be in contact in due course.