Pivotal to our business and team is our unwavering passion for the continent, sustainable development, private equity and a shared commitment to deliver best deals and great returns.

With prior experience in private equity, investment funds, financial institutions and global firms we have built a solid reputation and well-established track record. Phatisa is a broad church with an entrepreneurial spirit, setting high standards for the firm and ourselves.

Even if there is currently no vacancy, please do not hesitate to contact us. Send your application explaining
your specific area of interest together with your CV and supporting documents to Human Resources enquiries.

Corporate Communications Digital Intern, 2018

I had the pleasure of participating in an internship programme at Phatisa, an organisation that fuses private equity with economic upliftment. Working here was a great experience; I was warmly welcomed by the staff, who immediately made me feel like I was part of the family. Their tenacity for development was motivating and the African-centred environment felt homey. I got the chance to not only witness, but form part of a cohesive, hardworking and highly driven marketing team, which produced nothing less than exceptional results and gave great guidance in the process. I was able to sharpen my skills, and I gained immense knowledge in a short space of time. This experience will serve as an important advancement in my career and adds weight to my experience in the private equity industry.
Tonny Phukubje, Rosebank College, Johannesburg, South Africa

Portfolio Management Internship, 2017

‘Phatisa is quite a unique organisation that combines private equity investment with a development perspective. The team was highly dynamic and impressively knowledgeable on the African market. I felt I was given opportunities and responsibilities that would be hard to come by when working for other (larger) organisations. I got the chance to interact directly with a number of key stakeholders in the African market, integrating both market sentiment with rigorous, more quantitative, analysis. As a result, the work was very hands on, and I was able to develop my skills and knowledge over a relatively short period of time. I found people from all ranks of the organisation to be extremely friendly, taking a genuine interest in my work and always available to help. All in all, my internship at Phatisa was a great experience that I would highly recommend to anyone interested in having an impact on Africa through private sector investment.’
Seline Woldring, MSc Banking and Finance, London, United Kingdom

Deal Team and Portfolio Management Internship, 2017

‘I was privileged to participate in Phatisa’s internship programme in both Johannesburg and Nairobi, working alongside multicultural teams with a great deal of experience throughout Africa. Thanks to this programme, I gained valuable experience in deal team and portfolio management in the African PE sector. I strongly support this method of developing the talents and potential of Africa’s youth.’
Michael Thiam, MA Audit and Control – Paris Dauphine University, Paris, France

Corporate Communications and Investor Relation Summer Graduate Internship, 2016

‘I was recently really privileged to be Phatisa’s first intern and have the opportunity to develop the unique ‘Summer Graduate Internship Programme for the Corporate Communications and Investor relations department. I felt at home from the first day among Phatisa’s very friendly yet professional staff, who made my experience at Phatisa both exciting and challenging. The Corporate Communications and Investor Relations team is highly productive and innovative, pleasant to work with and committed to providing guidance in every way possible. The various skills that I have gained through this experience have certainly given me an advantage over other graduates. This internship has improved my way of interpreting ideas, tackling challenges and the methods I apply to everyday work. With my internship now complete, I would like to thank the Corporate Communications and Investor Relations team for all the knowledge they have shared, and the skills and techniques they taught me, which I can now use to improve my contribution to the working world.’
Elusha Cronje, BCom Marketing, Johannesburg, South Africa