Why phatisa

Phatisa is an African firm with deep roots in private equity, diversified capabilities and a well-respected track record.

Our investors and portfolio partners benefit from years of financial and operational experience, industry knowledge, business acumen, well-established reputation and reliable networks of African business relationships in all countries where funds under management are active.

Through our hands-on approach, we work closely with our portfolio partners to deliver long-term sustainable value, passionately driving progress by finding flexible capital solutions.

At heart, Phatisa has a development vision. Founded in experience, we think creatively, pursue the highest standards of excellence and by putting our own capital behind our thinking we align our interests with those of our stakeholders and investors.

Our mission



To be the leading sector-focused development equity fund manager in Africa.

DevEq = PAT * x + i 2  TM

Development Equity (DevEq) = profit after tax (PAT) times a multiple (x) plus impact (i) squared.



Pivotal to our business and team is our unwavering passion for the continent, its people and African prosperity.

Phatisa has a pioneering spirit with an eager willingness to drive ground-breaking initiatives and take calculated risks. We constantly strive to be innovative, challenge industry wisdom, create new ideas and solutions, never once resting in pursuit of our goals. As a learning organisation, we constantly push ourselves, are self-critical, acknowledging our mistakes and learning from them.

We pride ourselves on working collectively, respectfully and proactively to achieve the best possible outcome for all stakeholders. Working tirelessly to retain the broad church and entrepreneurial spirit that created Phatisa. We set high standards for the firm and ourselves.

Our focus on development impact and healthy returns makes for a highly creative and challenging working environment, directly linking individual performance with Phatisa’s success. Every person at Phatisa is given the opportunity to own equity and shares in our success. We firmly believe that we can achieve much more collectively, than any of us could individually.

We conduct ourselves with integrity in everything we do. Our reputations, both as individuals and as a firm, are paramount to our brand. Our word is our bond.

These deeply rooted values make Phatisa a very special place to work by driving a culture committed to strength in diversity, exceptional performance and results for our investors, portfolio partners and other stakeholders.

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Duncan Owen and the Phatisa Group would like to take this opportunity to announce the establishment of the Phatisa Foundation, created to complement existing Phatisa private equity fund impact initiatives in sub-Saharan Africa.

This charitable foundation aims to supply grants throughout the continent – including communities bordering Phatisa’s portfolio investments, focusing on:

– supporting children under the age of ten through access to food, shelter, healthcare and education;
– facilitating water delivery and distribution to communities in rural areas;
– promoting African culture and art;
protecting the environment through carbon sequestration and reduction in emissions; and
– alleviating negative impact on environmental and natural ecosystems.